About Me

Born in the early 80’s in Sydney, NSW.
I was raised on the beautiful Mid-North Coast of NSW, where sun, sand & surf rule supreme.

Personal Life;
I’m a 33yo gay man in a loving relationship with an amazing partner. I one day hope to marry him & celebrate that with all our family and friends (even though he says he NEVER wants to get married 💍)
I love Sydney life, but I also love to travel. The longer I live here, the less I become tied to it.
Successive government marginalisation and bad policy have worn the shine and glitz off Sydney, NSW & Australia .With each relocation opportunity presented, more and more serious considerations are given.

Professional Life;
I have never been unemployed in adulthood.
I started working as a volunteer at a local pizzeria when I was 14. I was paid in pizza for the first year then I earned a small wage.
I left school after my School certificate and began a retail traineeship, where I completed TAFE Retail Operations Cert 3 & 4.
On moving to Sydney I worked in a range of call centres, both inbound customer service and inbound/outbound sales roles before moving into call centre team management.
Since 2007 I have been employed by NSW Government agencies in a range of roles.

Adult Life;
I moved back to Sydney at 17years old which is where I’ve lived since.
I’ve lived in almost every corner of Sydney over the years – South West, Inner West, Shire, Eastern Suburbs to name a few.

Thelast 8 years have been in the Inner West suburbs of Newtown, Summer Hill, Stanmore, Marrickville. As a gay man in Sydney, I’ve always felt at home in the Inner West, finding it less mainstream than suburbs like Darlinghurst (where I’ve also lived) but still accepting and a little grungy. Newtown, however, is in the throes of a major culture shift, seeing it become more polished and mainstream, partially driven by the City Of Sydney and their gentrification,  partly due to the Kings Cross Lockout Laws, championed by the Liberal (Baird & Berejiklian) NSW Governments. This has forced huge amounts of partygoers into the areas on the weekends.

Family Life;
I grew up in a relaxed, loving family environment with very cool parents. These days they’re more like good friends than parents. I thank them for the values they’ve passed on. Love, respect and tolerance above all else.

My biological parents separated when I was extremely young. I haven’t spoken or seen my biological father since I was a preteen and have no interest in establishing anything with him.
I’ve always consider my step father to be my dad in every sense of the word. I even took his surname at the first opportunity to do so. He raised me, and continues to be ever loving and ever supportive of me in every way.
I have a mix of step & biological siblings which made for some interesting times growing up – especially with 2 siblings being around 10 years older than the other two.
These days, we all accept each other’s differences & remind ourselves that family is what matters the most.

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