35 and feeling fine.

Its been too long between posts.
For someone with hours at my disposal most days – I seemly fill it with useless nonsense rather than actually taking some time out to blog. Alas, here I am with some more drivel for you.

As the title suggests, I’m 35 and feeling fine. There’s only one thing wrong with that. Ive been telling people for months that I’m 35, when in fact I’m 34.
I have no idea why I would round up my age, but it took my parter a few seconds and a few quizzical looks to correct me one morning at breakfast.
Why my metal dexterity may be in question, my physical strengths are not.

About a year ago, I noticed my right side hip was clicking when I walked. It was progressively getting worse and it was starting to impact on my lifestyle. No one wants to haul their Zimmer frame down the stairs at 🌴Palms🌴
Jokes aside, It was becoming more painful and more pronounced if I was more active.
I booked into see a Chiro as I felt this the best place to look at addressing it in the initial phase of treatment. So I headed on into this clinic (which also happens to be inside my dentist) and had my first consult with Dr Mohammad Shiyab.
As most care would go, there’s the initial appointment where we discuss my lifestyle, pains, injuries etc.
I take a pretty simple approach to my health & while some friends had warned that Chiro may be a financial burden with no actual results (as many people claim) I was willing to give this an try and see how it went.

Fast forward almost a year, and I can say honestly that I feel better physically now, than I have in the past 12-13 years.
While I’m not making the claim that this is solely down to seeing a chiropractor (because thats a bald faced lie) doing so has encouraged some beneficial lifestyle changes.
Notwithstanding, Mohammad’s care has also been exemplary at every step.
I have / will / do recommend him should you think this may be a good treatment option for you.

I digress.
I understand that we are not perfect machines. Just because one body part is sore and you fix it, does not mean that something else won’t go awry during the process.
In the case of my hip, I had been tapered down to maintenance visits about every 2 months, to keep things where they should be and to make sure I wasn’t slipping back into old habits which will recreate the problem.
In the time since then, Ive also had some ankle issues and more recently knee issues arise. These can probably be interconnected to the resolution of my hip complaint, however I don’t view this as a negative outcome.
Just as you (I hope you do!) visit a dentist or optometrist for regular body maintenance, checkups and cleans. It seems that many people believe you shouldn’t need to invest in your health or take a proactive approach to care and wellbeing.
I think this is where many go wrong. They present to a practitioner with a specific complaint, which is then treated, but fail to make lifestyle changes or follow care plans provided to them, only to have the same injury re-occur. This then leads to re-tretament and the cycle continues, injury, treatment, injury etc.  Usually until the patient no longer feels they’re receiving effective care, when in fact they have taken no steps to remedy the situation that caused the problem initially.
I think this also leads to issues where people become upset because the same issue keeps occurring but they’re not seeing results in their treatment. Leading to claims that their treating practitioner is “just in it for the money” and “just ripping people off”
While I don’t doubt that there are likely some people like that, I think the vast majority of care providers genuinely want to see their patients recover fully, as quickly as possible.

Back to feeling great.

jesper-aggergaard-495757-unsplashI’ve arrived at this conclusion through the following.
As someone who has never been a runner, where my knees, hips, ankles all hurt and my legs became tired very quickly. I am now able to easily run on a treadmill for 30+minutes with no joint pain. My ankles don’t roll, my knees to jolt and importantly, my hip no longer clicks.
When lifting weights, My spine feels strong & when sitting at work, my posture feels comfortable.
I stand taller, lift heavier, run further and feel better mentally for all of those things

It’s not solely down to seeing health professionals either. I’ve had to build strength in areas where I was lacking, whether it be through strengthening exercises at home, Yoga and Pilates and even BootCamp with ‘The Camp Fitness’
In the course of the last year, Ive taken a wholistic view of my health and wellbeing.
I’ve seen a Chiropractor, A remedial massage therapist (full disclose, he’s my BFF but wicked talented) A Few GP’s & ENT Surgeon (ugh another blog post about that later)
Overall, I feel better now, than I have in many years.





Cover Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Body Photo by Jesper Aggergaard on Unsplash

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