Code Red, Call the Internet Police

Sigh…  Its sad that theres enough reason to write blog post about this.
We must accept that we now live in a politically correct world where every flippant comment can be taken completely out of context by a third party, offence applied, regurgitated in an Internet forum and then used as ammunition to personally (sometimes physically) attack you at a later time.

The internet has forced humanity to realise there are truely horrible people with truly horrible ideals out there, and the internet enables them to push this into your face.
In days of past, to explore the fringes of society, one would have to physically inert themselves into it.
Now, I just open an app of my phone and read a news article for all the misogynistic, homophobic, right wing & extreme left (and everything in between) commentary on a story about “Breaking the glass ceiling” for example.
The downside of this is that society is worn out, we no longer have the will to fight on against the sheer might of the internet, so it goes completely unchecked.
No longer does mainstream society except its might and push the fringes back to the fringes, we simply let the hatred fill our lives and fill our feeds.

The internet should come with a license. If you read something you don’t like or disagree with and you feel the best course of action is to attack the writer, or a commenter, trying to dismantle their entire belief system by personally attacking them in a comment feed,  The Internet Police are called.

The punishment – 5 Internet Demerits.
What does 5 Internet Demerits buy you, you ask? Well have we got a fantastic deal for you. With an internet street cred of -5, you are now restricted to posts without comment feeds. After a month, you are re-credited 5 merit points which brings you back to 0.
Your next offence is 10 demerit points, which restricts you to puppy videos on Youtube and soft piano music (doesn’t sound that bad really)
For every offence after that you are further restricted from internet activity, resulting in a final ban (aka. Internet Prison) at about -25 pts.

Once you have attended retraining programs on how not to be a douche, you can reenter the internet.

season 12 episode 6 GIF-source

While the concept sounds somewhat like just silencing opponents or different (dissenting) opinions. Its about fostering mutual respect. Offering up personal insults, or vitriolic attacks as opposed to respectfully disagreeing and moving the fuck on, just makes the internet a horrible place. If you read something you don’t like, make a mental note AND MOVE THE FUCK ON PEOPLE.

This need to have your opinion heard and validated is making us sick. Mentally unbalanced in the view that to have a comment liked, validates your opinion above all others.

Recently, I retweeted a political post. A follower then replied with their view of how that personally affected them, to which we had a respectful back forth about how each side affected us and why we felt strongly on each side. We amicably accepted that we have differing opinions, laughed that we would never be able to resolve such a huge social issue on Twitter and moved on with our day. Three days later, we were both still being attacked for our views (by those on both sides) 3 FULL DAYS of mostly personal attacks both public and in private messages about what a horrible person I was for having my view (we both received these kinds of messages) Out of the blue, people were going insane to validate or refute my opinion.

Most failed to read the original full exchange or didn’t care either way, where had they bothered, would have realised we put it to bed and agreed to disagree about 1 hour after the original post.


End note: I don’t really think we need the Internet Police. 
What we do need it to exercise percale restraint when using the internet or any public forum. While your opinion may matter to you, it doesn’t need to be forced onto other people, just as other may not want to hear your opinion, you don’t need to keep listening to theirs.
If you don’t like something, move on and enjoy your day. 
Go outside and look at the sky, appreciate its blue vastness and move on. Enjoy life. 

Cover Photo by Lorenzo Cafaro from Pexels

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