Happy New Year

Good Riddance.

I know a lot of friends have had a terrible year, from break ups, medical episodes, career challenges to loss.

My year has been a mix of good and bad but I’m not here to rant about my life (ok so that’s entirely why I’m here). Generally It’s been a good year, I’ve moved house to a place which I love, I’m financially stable, I have a loving partner & a great group of friends. That’s not to say I haven’t had some shitty times but they are a blip on the grand scheme.
Life is pretty good.

Let’s talk about New Year’s resolutions
This year I have 0 resolutions. I generally avoid them, like so many columns and mummy blogs say so. Not because they do, but because I find that small achievable and realistic goals are far easier to meet and exceed.

This year I WILL:
Continue to lose weight and work on my physical health
Take some time out each day to work on my mental health
Read more books
Expand on my professional skill set.
Buy a second home.
Track my financials more closely
Spend more time with my friends.
Travel to more places to explore (in Aus)
Study something I am interested in.
Blog more

This year I will not:
Move house (unnecessarily)
Increase social media use
Spend money frivolously
Work overtime in place of family or social life
Get lazy with my goals.

These are all achievable things that I have written in my diary over the course of the last 6 months. By setting these goals, and posting them. My aim is to keep myself honest and remind myself of what I want & what is stopping me from getting them.

About you: 
I started this blog as a place for me to track and log my thoughts. I’ve never really had the goal to write an amazing work, or have a mass of followers for each post. I dont have the vocabulary or talent of a wordsmith but I know I have at least 1 friend who reads my posts (I know because he told me so)
On that note,  what’s been happening mate? When can we go for a drink? (you can have a protein shake if you want 😜) Txt me yeah?

I’d love to hear from anyone who reads this, whether its a comment, a message or a suggestion.
I have some interesting blogs in the pipeworks. Particularly, one about Sexual Harassment of (gay) Men in which I have tracked down a few people who are willing to share some experiences, how they deal with it and how this made them feel.

Till next time.
Happy New Year.
I wish you a Safe, Love Filled and Prosperous 2018

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