Australia. WTF?

Hi again.
It’s been a long few weeks between posts. A lot has happened in Australia since my last entry, which was nothing more than a poorly coded message of “ I’m tired, I’m logging off for a while”

For those living under a rock, Australia recently had a voluntary non-binding survey on whether same sex couple should be permitted to marry. A complete and unnecessary waste of $122m when we have asylum seekers literally being bashed robed and abused while living in absolute squalor in our offshore processing centres (but that’s another post for another time)

Since my last mini post – Australia overwhelmingly voted Yes to allow same sex couples to marry. Fantastic! Hurdle 1, cleared.
Most of Australia rejoiced in the news, that we aren’t the most backwards country in the western world. We, the land of the free, are finally allowing consenting adults to marry each other irregardless of their gender.
What a joyous step forward to joining the vast, many other nations already affording same sex couples this right. *queue eye roll*

The far right, the conservatives and the Christians have made many a dubious claim during this campaign (and some outright lies too) However Australia has spoken.
Our senators have debated and thwarted MANY unnecessary attempted amendments to the same sex marriage bill and have OVERWHELMINGLY in all cases voted them down.
Hurdle 2, cleared.

The bill, as at the time of writing, has now passed our senate and has moved to the House of Representatives for debate before it becomes enshrined in law. I have learned today in the news that the current government is actively considering some of the intentionally discriminatory amendments that were previously voted down by the Senate. As this stands, we could see our government and our senate locked in debate with the bill mobbing between both houses until our Prime Minister either grows a pair, or the parliament just votes it through in its current state. But given how much our PM is worried about his own position as leader, It’s unlikely that he’ll grow a pair any time soon.

There are so many well written articles out there from so many views, It’s hard to keep up with all of them.
It’s disappointing that I have to spend my time writing about this topic, because it’s hard to articulate the feeling of being judged by your peers, your politicians & everyone else on whether you should be considered equal.

So Australia, will we have marriage equality legislated by Christmas?
Or will we go the way of our internet speeds and slip further behind so many other countries on this rock?

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