Losing weight.

Currently, I tip the scales at 89kg.
According to the Australian Government this places my BMI at 28.4 – Very much in the overweight range.
To bring this down to what is considered healthy – I must drop to 78kgs.
I exercise regularly; cycling, gym & lots of walking with my partner. In my adult life, I have always hovered around the 82kgs mark – albeit I’m getting heavier as I get older (Even as 82kgs I am considered overweight)

In 2016 I was undertaking intense training and diet to bring my weight down. I dropped to my lowest of 80kgs (on the money)
This was managed by an online trainer, and mostly consisted of cardio and training 6-7 days a week as well as nutritional management.
Since this finished in March 2016 I have bounced back u to where I started for whatever reasons. I suspect it’s from being lazy, and unmotivated + applying booze and bad food to liberally.

I am now back on the weight loss journey, partly because I’m sick of being fat & I don’t like how my body looks, partly because I have the desire to be smaller, fitter & improve my overall health.
My partner is also keen to lose some weight (although he rolls in at about 83kgs & is the same height as me)
He’s been desperate to try Isagenix ®
Being the loving partner, I’ve reluctantly agreed to do it with him.

What is it?
Isagenix® is basically calorie restriction and meal replacement. You effectively replace 2 meals per day (on their 30day cleanse program) with their “Isalean™ shake”. That is exactly what it sounds like – A shake (yes, I’m on a shake diet) 
It’s a high protein supplement shake with lots of fibre & vitamins & minerals.
In the month, you have 6 shake days and 1 cleanse day to help you ” release fat” and get to the weight you want. On a cleanse day, you don’t have any shakes, just water based supplements and minerals and some “Snacks” (which appear to be mostly powdered milk & vitamins in an Ovaltine like tablet)
As of this writing, I’m about halfway through my first cleanse day (on day 6 for me)

How does it work?
It works by restricting your calorie consumption. Replacing some meals with shakes.

How is it so far?
After a week in, I definitely feel less bloated, I’m certain I’ve dropped some weight as clothes generally feel a little looser. 
The shakes taste pretty good, considering I’ve spent the best part of 10 years consuming protein shakes for post gym supplementation. 
I’ve never enjoyed a salad / solid food as much as I have before starting this, but I’m motivated to stay on it. Mostly to support my partner and hopefully lose a few kgs in the process, partly so I have some interesting blog content.
I have noticed a bit of a spike in my energy levels. I feel generally more energised over the day (not like buzzing off my head, just more alert)

Now. I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to body science. I’m acutely aware that often with fad diets, or extreme calorie restriction, you rebound back as soon as you go back to normal dietary habits.
That’s not going to stop me running this program (mostly because BF already paid for it all) But I’m interested to see the results.  😂
I’m also aware of the health impacts associated with fad diets. I would never condone someone only having green tea / watermelon / lemon tea etc. for days on end. I am however keen to see if, at the end of this, I have formed some new habits around meals, caloric intake & exercise (I already exercise regularly)
I am your guinea pig of sorts 🐖

I’ll add as an endnote – There’s loads of buzz around these weight loss programs. Words like “releasing fat” “unlocking energy” and all the other marketing crap has absolutely zero effect on me in terms of joining a program, reading how to follow a program.
I know enough about the human body etc to know this is just marketing and PR buss to hype up a product. I have scrutinised all the ingredients of the Isagenix and am entirely aware of the main ingredients. Im also aware that I can also procure the same or similar at a Chemist Warehouse probably for less.

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